Cute Baby girl looking frustratedAs much fun as it was at first to fly around aimlessly in lovely or strange places,  it became apparent to me that I didn’t really understand the point of astral projection. What was it actually for?

I think the answer to this question lies in whether your’e having a lucid dream or an O.B.E.  For me, lucid dreams are useful in that your’e exploring the depths of your subconscious or maybe even your Higher self. I often experience things in lucid dreams that give me answers or very useful information regarding my life.

In some O.B.Es though, where the environment is quite solid and real and I am clearly making no difference to the place or the people around me, I have often had the feeling of “what am I doing here? ” and not been given any indication as to what I’m supposed to do. Iv’e felt  strongly that I want to make the most of the opportunity but have received no clues or guidance from anywhere.

Sometimes Iv’e even embarrassed myself in front of the locals by seemingly trying to read into everything that’s said or that’s happening around me…trying to form some kind of personal meaning from it… only to have people roll their eyes at me, as if to imply that I’m self obsessed and I ‘just don’t get it’ !  Iv’e often been made to feel like a bit of a confused baby in front of non physical beings.

It’s different when I get to somewhere that’s ‘further out’ as it’s often so visually amazing and different to physical earth that you could just float around looking at stuff  for hours without needing any purpose…Which Iv’e always thought is an interesting parallel to draw with life! More on that later!

So I spoke to Todd and a couple of other explorers about this question and discovered that it would be a good idea to set a list of objectives.  What did I want to experience and where did I want to go?

My ‘Things to do whilst out of body’ list looked something like this :

1. Ask to see or meet my guides,

2. Look at my energy body..are there any blockages or areas in it that need attention/healing?

3. Learn to play guitar

4. Learn to mix cds

5. Get over my phobia of going under water

6. Meet up with a deceased relative

7. Meditate to raise my vibration and see how it could effect where I ended up

8. Ask  people on other realms questions about where they’re from, whether they’ve lived in a physical body or whether they are living in one now too.

9. Question the environment and things or people I see by asking ‘show yourself in your truest form’ or ‘show me the raw energy of what I’m seeing’ (to make sure they aren’t my own mind’s projections)

10. Visit one of my mates and spy on them so I can freak them out by telling them what they were wearing or doing that day..especially the ones that think I’m delusional since Iv’e been talking  to them about my O.B.Es 🙂

I wrote the list out clearly and left it next to my bed so I could remind myself of it all before going to sleep.

To my surprise I had this dream a few nights later:

..I found myself lucid in a dream but with a very sleepy, in-and-out of consciousness feel. I was floating around, looking for things to study to keep me awake’ and raise my state of lucidity.  I was just conscious enough to know that it was an opportunity to fulfill some o.b.e objectives but could not remember for the life of me what any of them were.

I floated through a beautifully decorated parlour with white and gold silk cushions and drapes and gold tables, candles and shisha pipes.

There was nobody in it and there were no walls around it..There was relaxing music playing…it seemed to be suspended within a vast empty space. Its significance wasn’t clear at all until I found myself walking over to a room,  made up of racks of studio equipment and turntables with a red carpet underneath it ! Then it all fell into place!

This had been set up for me so I could learn to mix cds ! ..and immediately I understood what the parlour was for…meditation!

I felt elated at how attentive, kind and helpful my guides had been in setting all this up for me. Amazed that they had read the note by my bed and had so much time dedicated towards helping me progress in my adventures. (or I guess there’s a possibility that I did it myself unconsciously just by setting the intention..but it felt more like outside help)

I began a lesson in the studio with a dj, but kept loosing consciousness and feeling like I was passing out every 2 minutes. I  tried meditating but every time I closed my eyes it made it impossible for me to stay awake in the dream.

So not a great success, probably due to a recent bout of sloppiness in the maintenance of my energy body, but reassurance that there was an abundance of help and guidance available to me if only I just ask clearly for what I want…again, an interesting metaphor for physical life!  Definitely more on that later 🙂