waterfallI’m not sure exactly where I was when I became lucid this time but I remember making the decision that I’d like to go somewhere peaceful so I could try meditating.  The last time I’d tried it I had made a mental note not to close my ‘eyes’ or whatever the energetic equivalent, as it kept either taking me straight back to body or making me lose consciousness.

I found myself a lovely spot by a river opposite a waterfall with about 20 people splashing around and sunbathing on the rocky banks. The water was a lovely deep shade of blue and everything sparkled in the sunlight.  I edged back a few feet from where I was sitting till my back was against some flat rocks, and crossed my legs (or at least I got into a suitable position, don’t know if I’d have even seen legs if I’d have looked down! I keep forgetting to!)

Keeping my eyes open, I started to breathe steadily and deeply in the same way that I would normally, to charge and expand my energy body.

With every breath I took, the scene I was looking at became brighter, more sparkly, more colourful. It felt as if my breath was charging the environment with energy and vibrance.

I wanted to understand more about what kind of place I was in, as I was still unclear on whether my being able to have an effect on the scene like this might mean I was in a dream environment and the whole thing was a projection of my mind.  My first thought was to study the people.

A young boy of about 10yrs emerged from the water and walked past me. I urged him (telepathically) to look into my eyes and he did for about 5 seconds.  His eyes were bright blue and sparkly like the water.  He seemed real, or as if he had his own soul…his thoughts separate to mine, but if I’m honest I was really none-the-wiser.

I fell back into a sleepy state and then found myself in a busy shopping center. I was standing on about the 3rd floor with my boyfriend at the time, and we were both looking over a brass railing at a hanging decoration in the middle of the building. It was made up of lots of wonky bookshelves holding old looking, brown books.  As I stared at the detail and writing on the books I felt my level of consciousness rise.

I felt myself bubble with excitement at the possibility that the person next to me might actually be the real Alex, and not just a projection from my mind… maybe I could gently wake him in his dream too!

I turned to him and said “Hey are you aware that this is a dream?  Do you remember that we are actually both asleep in bed at my house right now?”  He closed his eyes as if to concentrate or try to recall.

I told him it would be better to keep his eyes open for now and started to point out the writing on the books in front of us to keep his attention.  I said “Look at the detail on the books and try to stay conscious”.

As he stared at the books, the expression on his face was changing back and forward between lucid, lost, happy and frightened.  I said gently “Isn’t it funny how when you wake up like this in a dream and look back at your physical life and where your body is, it feels as though THAT was the dream, and that this is more real ! ? ”

With that he turned to face me with a look of pure fear in his eyes, and at the very same moment his physical body jolted in the bed and woke us both up!  I didn’t wake him fully to ask if he remembered it, I waited until the morning..he didn’t remember at all.  Yeah I know…Duh.

Who knows if the timing was a coincidence or not..certainly felt real enough for me to go back to sleep with a big grin on my face. 🙂


It was cool to feel it was really possible to meet up with your mates in dreams.

I would pay more attention to reality testing next time.

In hind sight the experience with the boyfriend was a beautifully apt metaphor for the nature of our relationship 😉 and quite a few others come to think of it .