220614-decorative-button-notebook-aI was dreaming that I was hanging out with two girls in a shopping mall.  (I seem to go to a lot of shopping Malls on the Astral Planes.)  They started talking in a language I didn’t understand.  Because we’d previously been understanding each other perfectly, it caused me to question my reality and so I realised it must be a dream.

I asked them what they were talking about, and they said “I’m afraid if you can’t work it out we can’t tell you…We’re not allowed.” 
I said “Oh wait a minute, is it to do with lucid dreaming?” They looked really pleased, and congratulated me for catching on/ becoming lucid.  They said that they called it something different there. (wherever we were)

They took me around to various parts of their world and showed me things that would educate me on how to tell what realm I was in. According to them, some realms were distinguishable by details such as what language was spoken, and some by the seemingly physical or visual laws such as there being no water, or not being able to light a match.

There was something that they pointed out as making people from my realm recognisable to them, and they showed me what to look for to recognise beings from their realm…  both of which were something non-visual/non-physical.

The very experience of having these concepts shown and explained to me was mind-blowingly exciting, and filled me with a strong sense of clarity and hope for the future. It felt as if my mind or my learning abilities had been stretched in a direction I never knew possible, and served to substantially fill gaps in my understanding of the very reason for our existence as humans.
 I remember first arriving back to body and thinking  “Oh my god this is revolutionary information…this is genius!  I’m pretty sure that this has not been brought to the physical realm before…If it has, I’ve certainly never heard about it…this is going to change everything!   Ill write it down in the morning when I’ve had a bit more sleep.”

You can guess how this tale ends. I went back to sleep and completely forgot the content of what I’d learnt… Gutted!  
It was something I really could have used creatively both in waking life, and non.  And those girls had spent all night bothering to drum it into me!

So, always scribble good stuff down, even if its the middle of the night and you can’t be bothered.
Also, there have been many occasions when I’ve looked back through the last 6 months entries in my dream/O.B.E. diary, and seen that things that seemed irrelevant or empty at the time have turned out to be prophetic. Therefore your dream journal is a very important tool for your psychic development.