congcakeI was having quite a boring non-lucid dream that I was travelling on a train to a friends house, carrying a cake I had made for him. The icing on the cake read ‘Congratulations John on your O.B.E.’ So, as far as I knew I was on my way to celebrate with a friend named John who had recently been awarded an Order of the British Empire.
There were some other friends with me and we were taking turns to carry the cake. Every few minutes they would point out that the ‘O.B.E’ bit had come off and say “Oh dear, you’ll have to write it on again…sorry”.
This must have happened about 7 or 8 times before I picked up on the fact that they were all sniggering amongst themselves, and my lazy old mind clocked that I was dreaming. What a brilliant wake-up trigger these people seemed to have set up for me 🙂 – especially seeing as I decorate cakes as a large part of my job.
I felt that they were well humoured spirit guides, but their sense of humour was so similar to mine that I’m open to the possibility they could have been my own projections.

I gained full waking consciousness in the dream and decided to go somewhere higher, using the usual ’Higher Self Now’ command. I projected upwards with quite some effort, eyes closed, and eventually landed in what I think was probably quite a low Astral plane.
I was talking to a young man of about 18, who seemed quite wary of everyone around him, and a bit scared and lost. We were in a crowded town center and he kept telling me to ‘watch out’ for various things and people that we came across, so it was clear to me he was frightened of them.
I tried to explain to him that without his physical body he couldn’t be harmed, but he wasn’t fully convinced he didn’t have one.
He said “This isn’t exactly heaven though is it.. I mean I cant be totally dead can I ?” .
I spent a while talking about the higher vibrational places he could go to with the use of his focused intention, but he couldn’t understand what I meant. I manifested a few random objects to show him that there was some level of thought responsiveness to the place, but he just seemed shocked and even more confused.
I found it was only just possible to move or change objects here, which is what lead me to believe it was quite a low or dense dimension, but definitely consensus.
About 10 metres away from us we saw a young, angry looking guy with long blonde hair, pull a knife out of his pocket and make off after someone in the street. My guy wanted to get away from the danger, so I walked off with him in the opposite direction.
I felt compelled to show him there was nothing to fear, so using my focused intention, I got the man with the knife to come up behind us and stab me just above my right hip . It hurt for a second with the shock, but then I realised as expected that it had done nothing and I was fine. I showed my new friend that I was unharmed, then without consciously choosing to, came straight back to my body in bed and opened my physical eyes.

I got a real buzz from this experience because it gave me a deep sense of purpose. It seemed as if I might have been sent to help someone who had recently died and was freaking out…What a cool job. Beats writing on cakes that’s for sure 😉
It did leave me quite confused though about the increasingly curious subject of how to tell the difference between an O.B.E. and a lucid dream. How can I have made the man with the knife come straight over to me with my intention unless it was a dream environment and he was my own projection? Maybe it was a dream character from my mind, but layered over a consensus environment. This was still definitely a grey area in my understanding.
I knew that the answer lay in remembering to question people/characters in these experiences e.g. “Show me what you really are” and seeing whether they change.
Remembering to do that can be quite difficult because you have to really stand back from the experience enough to observe it objectively, but It’s a really good habit to get into as it basically helps you distinguish between what someone else is trying to show you, and what you are trying to show yourself…although the two are very closely linked if you think further down that route, so its never going to be an exact science.