global_225764612[1]If I ever felt the need or desire to apply an ‘ism’ to what I practice and believe in, the word would definitely be Dreamism.
It was shown to me on a series of banners in an o.b.e. and I was told there that I should write about it. Since then I’ve been pondering on how I would define what Dreamism is. Here’s what I’ve settled on :

* A perspective of reality that includes holding the awareness that we are technically now dreaming our lives. (lucid living)

* The awareness of oneself and everyone else as a unique fragment/expression of the same consciousness.

* The intention to ‘vision quest’- explore higher aspects of the self by opening a communication between the conscious and unconscious minds, through lucid dreaming, and dream recall.

* Living by the answers and guidance you receive in your dream experiences.

Practices include :

* Recording your dreams for reflection or analysis.
* Reality testing whenever you remember, to facilitate lucid dreaming.
* Setting dream objectives or life questions to be answered in dreams.
* Meditation to clear and unblock chakras.
* Raising your frequency and expanding your energy field to facilitate astral projection.
* Practicing exit techniques for astral projection

The feeling of comfort, liberation and empowerment one can experience from trusting ones own inner resources can be utterly life changing. Not to mention the excitement and relief that comes from experiencing oneself as a non-physical, eternal, happy awareness.

Also I find that living by my dreams, I am able to ‘live my dream’ in the other sense. I hope I can inspire others to experience this too 🙂 (link to my classes)