elephoneAllo.I recently received some feedback on the way I worded a sentence in relation to distinguishing whether I was in a lucid dream or an O.B.E. I’d said something like “so maybe it was just a lucid dream”.
This prompted me, while it was fresh in my head, to write a little post on my understanding and my experience of the difference between a lucid dream and an O.B.E.

Firstly, one thing they have in common is that they are both ‘a conscious experience on an astral plane.’ In a lucid dream you see and experience a lot of content from your unconscious, where as in O.B.E. you see and experience pretty much the same as everyone else there does.
In theory, an O.B.E. happens in a consensus environment which means the place is formed of the collective thoughts and beliefs of other beings…other fragments of consciousness like yourself. The physical plane is a consensus environment.

Typical characteristics of a lucid dream are :

* When you look down at your hands they are either all wobbly and distorted, or they are something else entirely…like branches of a fern tree or slices of avocado.

* When you make expectant commands at random objects, they do as they’re told e.g. you can very easily turn a bottle into a pineapple or make an elephant appear from inside a phone box.

Typical characteristics of an O.B.E. are :

* When you look down at your hands or body they are solid and real looking…(I usually find I’m wearing whatever pyjamas I wore to bed, even if I don’t consciously remember what they were…odd, I know)

* When you shout at objects or try and manipulate your surroundings, nothing happens, and you feel like an idiot in front of all the other solid and real looking people who are going about their daily business just like on the physical plane.

There are of course many different vibrational areas or levels of the astral planes, and I’ve very often come away from an experience not really knowing what just happened. Some of the higher planes are far from similar to the physical, with what I would call ‘dreamlike’ qualities in that the colours, shapes, animals you see there are so outlandish that you can’t believe it. So this can also confuse matters.

The question though, is always “how much of what I’m seeing here is coming from me?” Even in a solid, consensus environment (built and solidified by the thoughts and beliefs of the majority of beings in it) there can often still be little exerts from your unconscious, sneakily layered over it.
I’m someone who is always looking for meaning in such experiences so it can get quite frustrating when there are so many mixed messages and no clear distinction between who’s who. Are they a spirit guide giving you symbolic hints about tying your shoe laces? Is that the answer to a big life question you’ve had on your objectives list? or is it just someone on their way to work that’s noticed your shoelace was undone?

So, as well as reality testing by making commands at objects and looking at your hands, it’s useful to calmly and confidently question everyone/everything you engage with. “Show me the truest picture of what you are” or “Reveal your true essence to me” are good. Some people will dissolve, because they were essentially part of your unconscious, and some will morph from someone you know, into someone you don’t e.g. a guide who was disguised as your Mum in order to make you feel safe.

Some people of course will just say “erm..yeah.. I am, this is me”. They are usually actual inhabitants of wherever you are.

In my reply to the aforementioned feedback, which was very much appreciated, I explained that by writing ‘just’ I hadn’t meant to devalue lucid dreams as learning environments at all, but just that I see them as being less real.
Being less real certainly doesn’t mean they are any less fun, informative, or useful. Actually I would say they are usually more so. I get a great deal out of them.

I think that what I get uniquely from an O.B.E. though, is an all encompassing sense of excitement in knowing that this physical existence isn’t all there is, and peace in the knowing that I will never die.
I feel exactly the same only more conscious and more free without my body.

There are a seemingly infinite number of dead people living quite happily, in whatever reality they choose to gravitate to. The possibilities are endless, and so are we. It makes me feel so safe to experience that instead of just believing it, that I’m able to let go of a lot of the seriousness and urgency from my life and really enjoy it.