images7 In the last few years Iv'e been very pleased to discover that more and more people seem to be talking about out of body experiences and lucid dreams.  I feel very lucky to be one of them 🙂

For me, being able to do this confirms that I am not just a physical being and that I, an awareness, a fragment of consciousness will go on being aware and conscious long after my physical body dies.  It's my belief that if more people held the lightheartedness, the trust in the universe that this awareness brings about,  the physical plane we find ourselves on for now, would be a bit more pleasant.

On this blog you will find down to earth, humorous  reports of my most interesting out of body experiences and lucid dreams, summaries of what Iv'e learned or taken from them, and useful hints and tips that might enhance your own.

Please see post entitled DREAMISM for further explanation of the word !

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