Dreamism is a perspective of reality that involves the intention to explore higher aspects of the self and find personal truth by opening communication between the conscious and unconscious minds. It is the practice of meditation, dream recall, reflective awareness, lucid dreaming, and/or astral projection, with the aim of self discovery and psychological growth.

Our meet-ups provide a supportive, light-hearted environment and clear, simple instruction for anyone interested in these practices. We practice meditation techniques that help bring about the lucid dreaming state, but which will also improve your sense of clarity and lucidity in waking life. We discuss theory, and have the opportunity to share our personal experiences and interpretations of them.

The classes will be run on a drop-in basis and will cater to learners of all levels, however your experiences will be benefited by the regularity with which you attend…your understanding will deepen as the classes, and your journey progresses.

Lucid dreaming and astral travel can be extremely exhilarating empowering experiences and have been practiced for millenia by Shamans, the Egyptians, and Buddhist monks as a means of vision questing and self discovery. They can serve to highlight the illusory nature of our own mental projections, and give us more conscious control of our lives.

At these classes you will be taught various methods of attaining the heightened energetic state most conducive to this; methods that much of our modern, western society has long forgotten.
Please see meetup.com/meditation-and-dreamism for information about my classes which run twice a month in East Dulwich and Liverpool street:)