7220110-conceptual-image--window-in-skyI’d been out to a party with my partner at the time and I’d had to get out of bed at about 4 am to help him by getting him a bucket. (too many Jaeger bombs)

I got myself back to sleep by doing my usual relaxation technique and thought to try visualising the kitchen in great detail to try to induce an o.b.e.  As I did, the blackness I could see behind my eyelids gradually turned into 3d image and I found myself running down the hallway and stairs again to help Alex. I could see there were puddles on the carpet where he’d been trying to get to the loo on time and not making it.

I was quite worried about him because the carpet was soaked! …then I realised there was far too much vomit for the scene to be believable, and so of course became lucid.  I was dreaming. I felt myself lift up from the ground and levitate comfortably about 5 feet up. (This usually happens as soon as I wake up in a dream)

Pleased that I’d managed to come out of body, I floated back up the stairs and hovered over Alex for a while to see what it would feel like to either of us and if he would notice me.  There was actually a stuffed dummy lying in his place. ‘Nevermind’ I thought.  I then slipped effortlessly out of the window next to my bed and up into the sky.  Didn’t need to make any commands to fly anywhere this time, it was as if someone else were doing it for me.

Seeing the roof of the house get smaller as I got higher in the sky, sent a chill of excitement through me and it crossed my mind that I should have put a jumper on.  Then I reminded myself I was out of body and chuckled as my mental attachment to the concept of temperature disappeared.

I whizzed around and upwards in spiraling motions until I went through another window in the sky, identical to the one I’d gone through on leaving the bedroom. I carried on up effortlessly for a few minutes at a swift and steady pace and with perfect control.

I kept seeing big bunches of teddy bears and life sized cuddly toys suspended in the sky, and took great pleasure in charging towards them at full speed and hugging them/rolling around with them.  I felt a sense of  “They know me so well- putting these here for me”.

Then a young woman came over to me, with a smile on her face, offering me a bucket.  I said ” Oh do I need to go back to my body? does Alex need me?”  She said “No don’t worry hes fine.. we are looking out for him.”  I amused myself for a while by doing some pretend sky-boarding moves…just because I could.

I went through another window / layer / dimension, and found myself  floating past a classically English looking pub called the King William.  There were lots of men standing outside of it, drinking pints.

I made immediate eye contact with one guy in his 50’s who put his pint down and came straight over to shake my hand. I said “William is it?” in my quite excited and nervous state.  He glanced at the sign on the side of the pub and laughed.  “No no, I’m Steven” .

I followed him inside to the bar, where we chatted a while about my journey. I had so many questions, but I was so excited that I couldn’t articulate them very well.

He was amused to hear about the teddy-bears and the air-boarding. I asked him “So where are we then?   He said  “Well, its still Earth..do you know that ?” seeming to try to get an idea of how much I understood.  I said “Yeah I know, but which dimension?”

Just then, a group of about 6 younger, scruffy men came over to the bar.  They were all Irish. They were being quite rowdy, and distracted Steven from answering my questions. One of them was joking around with me, and looking down my top in an obvious but inoffensive way. He was just playing.  He seemed to be a gypsy or someone with a very carefree spirit.

Cant remember anything after that! I must have gone back to my body or suddenly lost focus.



Exploring all aspects of lucid dreaming, out of body experiences and meditation. Reports of my own astral experiences and useful information on how to use astral projection as a consciousness development tool.

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This was an intense one. It felt a bit rubbish, but it all worked out in the end .

I was just on the edge of falling asleep, lying on my left side when I felt myself sliding slowly backwards across the bed as if being gently pulled. I opened my eyes and almost panicked for a second as it felt like a physical experience and I wondered if I would fall off the edge with a thud.
I could hear the sweeping/rustling sound of my body moving across the sheet and couldn’t see my physical body as I moved away from it which was confusing.  I managed to go with it though, and gently floated around the room while I mustered the energy to fly with direction.

As usual, I tried to fly directly upwards and used the “higher self now” command but I struggled to get anywhere. I did some deep breathing and decided to try going forwards instead of upwards as it seemed to take less energy.

I went through about 3 walls, one after the other, each time being aware that I was still indoors somewhere but on a different dimension.  I popped out of the last wall into what appeared to be a museum, with quite a few people wandering around. 
I was among display cabinets full of Egyptian looking jewellery.  Most of the pieces were gold or brass coloured and had hieroglyphs and animal symbols on them.

I realised I could pick up anything I wanted as I had no physical body and nobody would notice. I picked up a gold ring with a carving of a griffin-like bird on it and studied it for a while. I was going to take it as a souvenir but then became aware that it would be stealing, and even though I was pretty sure nobody could see me they would see the ring moving around in the air and might think that strange.

When I’d had enough of looking at all the Egyptian artefacts and jewels I asked “why am I here“ and looked around, strongly expecting an answer to come from somewhere.  I asked quite a few times but got nothing.  Then I asked to go somewhere else, and tried the “Higher self now” command, but nothing happened.

Everyone I looked at seemed to be busy, or walking quickly to get somewhere.   Eventually I was drawn to a man walking past me on my left. I looked directly at him and said “excuse me please, why am I here?”  He didn’t want to stop, and I felt very little warmth from him but I did feel somehow he was there for me, or was at least more similar to me than everyone else there.  He turned and said “because you’re lost”

I asked him what he meant, and he explained it in one sentence with one key word I’d never heard before.  I knew I might not remember it so I asked if I could go to a library to find out what it meant.  He smiled and said “you wont find it”

I started to feel very emotional and started to sob…I wasn’t scared or worried, just emotional.  (At this early stage of astral travelling that seemed to happen as soon as I had contact with another person/soul in an o.b.e.)
From nowhere, I was given an intricately decorated gold bracelet to study.  It seemed like I was being encouraged to focus on something. I tried asking another man how I could move on from this place or to explain to me in what way I was “lost”, but he just politely told me that it was rude of me to keep asking people there for help and that I’d better stop it.

I felt quite alone and experienced a strange sense of guilt like a naughty child…as if somehow ‘Spirit’ or ‘Guides’ were sick of helping me out and I should just toughen up and find my own way this time.
I continued to try the commands, but started to intermittently slip out of waking consciousness. I remember briefly being outside somewhere very colourful, but I could only fly very slowly and couldn’t get more than a couple of feet from the ground. It was very frustrating…I was sobbing and purging some painful emotion in a way I have only ever experienced whilst out of body.

The last thing I remember was floating around a ceiling, trying to go through it.  It had saucepans hanging from it that were getting in my way, so I kept moving along to clearer areas to try again.  Every time I got near them they would fill up with more saucepans…and then a few colanders were added to the impasse.
As I tried harder and harder, the metal became sharper and pointier, until eventually there were metal spikes and barbed wire appearing!  I was NOT supposed to go through this ceiling and was definitely getting the impression that I could not go any higher or further within this experience.

The whole experience felt heavy, frustrating and sad. There were deep sobs flowing through me for what felt like hours and I when I came back to my physical body I didn’t feel exhilarated or excited as I had after previous o.b.e.s so far. There was a “tough love” vibe about the whole thing.

After this experience I’d been trying hard to think of possible reasons why my soul was so sad and in what way I might be “lost” at the moment in life, but I honestly couldn’t work it out. I couldn’t remember the keyword I was given either.
I wondered if I might have been reading too much into it and  should just try to shelve it as a ‘random dream’ type of experience, but I couldn’t.  I’ve always been quite analytical in this way.
I began to feel a bit down and “lost” almost as a result of the o.b.e. and after a couple of weeks, I was forced by this feeling to spend some good long hours in meditation, hibernation and detox.
It was from this dedicated period of soul searching that I found the answer, and when I did I was SO glad that it had been pointed out to me sooner rather than later otherwise I may have been careering off in the wrong direction for months and never clocked it.

   O.b.e.s weren’t always going to be hugely uplifting, but they were beginning to prove themselves as meaningful and useful. 

This threw up a few questions about the difference between o.b.e.s and lucid dreams.  I needed to learn about how to recognise projections of my own subconscious, whilst in consensus realities.  They could obviously be layered together quite seamlessly.

The ceiling issue, and my lack of flying power, represented a limitation that the physical Me had been causing the energy Me without knowing. The saucepans in my way, represented the fact that I was too used to being a chef… I had never enjoyed it but had been limiting myself and my ability to change.

oyster-cardOnce your’e out of body, or become conscious in a dream, your ticket to get to cool places is your intention .

By making confident, expectant commands, you can navigate your way to having great experiences.

At first, I spent a lot of time flapping my arms around, trying to fly. Quite ridiculous when you think about it…firstly because laws like gravity don’t often apply in other dimensions, and secondly because even if they did, they are just arms…not wings. 🙂

Whether your’e floating around on your bedroom ceiling, or have just become lucid in a dream and want to move on from where you are, I find the simplest and most effective command to make to get you to a further/higher dimension is “higher self now” .  It doesn’t always work, and there are a few different possible reasons for that which I’ll talk about later.

If you find yourself fully conscious and out of body, but you cant see anything, try saying “clarity now”.  This is also a useful one for if you get yourself into any sort of confused or frustrated pickle.    Whatever happens, it is useful to stay calm and confident as negative emotions seem to lower your vibration making it even harder to do what you want to.

images3The easiest way for most people to get into an o.b.e. is through a lucid dream.  Lucid dreams can be achieved by remembering throughout the day to do simple reality tests.

A good few times a day ask yourself  “am I dreaming” and either look at your hands, or in a mirror, or turn on a light switch at the same time.  As you get into the habit of saying it, this will act as a trigger so that when you ARE dreaming, and you ask yourself out of habit during the dream, you’ll look at your hands and perhaps realise they look like Jeremy Paxman …or you’ll look in the mirror and see a bunch of giant parsnips staring back at you…or the light switch wont work 😉

At this point of waking in a dream you can either stay here and use the lucid state to explore your subconscious mind and/or find answers to an important life question, which can definitely be the way to go sometimes, or choose to move on and visit a more consensus reality.   Lucid dreams can be more fun at first as its easier to control things and you get to feel like a Wizard. Most of what you see around you is projected from your own mind and is therefore changeable. Tons of fun to be had, and a very powerful healing tool.

A ‘consensus reality’ means (and this is as far as my understanding has stretched although there are still flaws/holes !)  an environment that’s formed of common thoughts and beliefs.  The best, most basic example given to me to illustrate this is : Christian heaven is believed in by 1.9 billion people worldwide and is therefore quite a solid consensus environment to visit.  Santa exists on an astral plane because billions of children believe he does.. and so on…

As I understand it, both o.b.e.s and lucid dreaming states amount to a conscious experience on an astral plane.  The difference is in the vibrational resonance of each plane.  There appear to be an infinite number of places to visit but it seems they are arranged in vibrational layers…like an onion.  More on all that later.

To find out where you are at any point or how real what your’e seeing is, you can try using your intention to change a couple of objects. If they absolutely wont change or disappear your’e probably in a consensus environment.  Also you can confidently make the command “show me the truest version of this” or “show me this in its purest form” which should dissolve the parts of it (momentarily anyway) that are projections of your mind.

girl_under_water_by_supermoonThis was my first mind blowing o.b.e.  It was the first time I’d spent a substantial amount of time being fully conscious in an environment that was definitely not a dream environment.  This is the report I sent to the group of people that I attended Todd’s workshop with at the tower in Woolwich.

Before I get stuck into details I just want to admit outright that this amazingly profound and life-changing experience happened after a night out on the town during which I had consumed an un-lady-like amount of beer, 3 cupcakes and a big plate of cheese on toast.  Needless to say, inducing an O.B.E could not have been further from my mind on this occasion.
If I’m honest, for me personally, being hung over seems to be quite a conducive state for my awareness to shift out. Its always after a few hours sleep when I’ve woken up feeling rough and am trying to drop off again. (I’m not suggesting that you try this at home !)

I’m sure it cant be directly linked to the alcohol, so I can only conclude it’s maybe something to do with what socialising in large groups does to my energy…maybe it’s because I’m empathising intently with different, new people all night which opens the heart chakra, or maybe its helped by dancing to music and letting my hair down so to speak. I know the native Americans used to rate dancing as key for their shamanic journeys. Or just as likely its because when I go to sleep drunk I wake up a few hours later needing water and am so dizzy that I have to do full-on breathing techniques for relaxation to get me back to sleep. I don’t know… anyway :

I’d woken up after a few hours sleep and was doing my usual get-back-to-sleep-quick relaxation technique which is taken from an induction I learned in hypnotherapy.  I soon became very aware of a rocking sensation that felt like being on one of those awful ‘Mary Rose’ type fairground rides and was increasing in intensity.  As it went on for 30 seconds or so, the momentum built until I was catapulted up into a standing position at the end of the bed (but floating)

Struggling to contain my excitement so as not to ruin it, I experimented with going through a few internal walls in the house. I was able to walk through the wall to my friends bedroom It became apparent that I couldn’t go outside the external walls, so I said “higher self now” .

I found myself in a kind of student union bar with 50 or so other people who were all running riot, falling about laughing and talking excitedly to each other.  After a while of talking to people who were telling me that they were also aware that they were dreaming, I realised what it was about, so asked for a show of hands..   “How many of you are dreaming ?”   About 2 thirds of them put their hands up and some of the others began to look confused.    
Some looked excited when they became lucid, but a few got a bit upset. One guy was really sad to realise that at some point he’d have to go back to his physical life and was crying on me until I counselled him through it with the help of another guy.

So it seemed this place was set up for trainee out of body explorers to compare lucid dreaming notes and help each other raise and sustain their level of consciousness until they were ready for the next step up !   So I said “higher self now” and floated upwards/forwards.

Next I was in what looked like a toy workshop. There were mobiles made of tiny wooden horses hanging from the ceiling and lots of other toys and models on display. Everything had the same spindly, spiky, sharp look about it that made it obvious it wasn’t meant to be touched or sat on, so I kept moving / floating around and examining it all until I got bored and said “ok why have I come here?”

A gorgeous little elf-like man turned around to me and said ” because I’m here…I thought you’d never ask! ”  I asked who he was and he said he was my guide and his name was Emlyn.  I was all overcome with happy tears and kept hugging him and sobbing for ages until he eventually asked why I was being so soppy…I think he knew though.  It was hard to find words for how much love I felt towards him and for getting to this point of discovery of my own freedom.

I did a lot of flying around and diving through deep water, breathing, like a fish.. basking for a while in the freedom of all the things we cant do here on the physical.
During which I kept checking back to all the stages of where I’d been and could feel myself being in up to four of those places at one time.   There was the Me lying in bed, the Me that had rocked / bounced back and forward to eventually catapult my energy body to be standing at the foot of the bed,  (in that dimension I could float around the house and go through internal walls only) …then there was the Me in the realm of the elf’s toy workshop, and then the Me in the realm above / outside of that in which I spent the majority of the duration.

Emlyn said to me “Go on, off you go, anywhere you like”  Ironically I then found myself standing next to the speakers at a party, trying to dance.. It was impossible to move to a rhythm without a body.
Emlyn turned up, rolled his eyes at me and laughed at how I’d tried to experience one of my regular physical human pastimes whilst out of body. I remember laughing too at how mediocre it was compared with what I could now do. 
 We went over to a windowsill where I found a tiny cassette tape with “magician” written on it.  I asked if I could take it with me and he appeared to check with someone else before saying yes… I put it in my pocket and said “higher self now”.

I spent a while in a world that looked like earth but had 2 moons hanging in the sky where I was met by a few people/aspects of people I know in physical life.  There were a few little challenges and emotional tasks to contend with and then I asked to go up to another level.  It felt like something was reluctant to allow me to but I went up anyway… I was faced with a horrible gruesome scene I had to turn away from, which felt like it made my whole body convulse and choke in shock.. but it was no big deal as I just went back to the elves place for a while before slowly waking up back in my physical body all full of beans and grinning like a Cheshire cat.

p.s. The tape wasn’t in my pocket when I woke up…I’d like to think that’s just because I didn’t have any pockets in my nighty 🙂

Even though I’d had a fair amount of lucid and flying dreams, and sleepy O.B.Es around my bedroom before, this topped them all by miles.  I was absolutely stunned at how conscious I was and how much more real than real it had all felt. I was fully able to remember all the tips we learnt at the tower, and take stock of it all for as long as I wanted .
  The guide, Emlyn, had felt like a long lost friend that was closer to me than anyone I’d ever known. The whole thing left me feeling so completely fearless and at peace I cant even describe it… I feel very lucky as all I did was simply hold the intention for it to happen and it did.   I reckon it must be different for everyone.

images2There are quite a few different factors that effect my ability to go out of body but the main two things that seem to be of up most importance for me are :

1)    Regular meditation/energy work, and

2)    The right amount of sleep.

1)          As I understand it, my ability to separate my awareness from my physical body is helped by the amount of time I spend with my awareness in my energy body.  Breathing into/ expanding my chakras, and sitting/meditating with my focus being on, or in them is key.  I think of it as building etheric muscles!

When I say “breathe into” I mean imagine the chakras have mouths…and they are drawing in energy or light (however you personally see or feel it) .   Feel them expand and open, and try to create a light, buoyant feeling …a bit like the gentle upwards force of a helium balloon.

For the purpose of astral projection I always move energy upwards, and spend a lot of time on the heart, and crown chakras.  To help the heart chakra to expand, ( I often find that if I haven’t done it for a while, it’s hard work as this is where we tend to hold a lot of our sorrow before we let it go),  it helps to focus on cultivating feelings of intense gratitude…as you breathe into the heart, try saying thank-you for everything and everyone you can think of to be grateful for.

Also, breathing into the chakras above the crown seems to be quite a powerful exercise.  These are known as the transpersonal chakras.  According to most modern depictions, one is about 4 inches, one around 12 inches and the other about 18 inches above the top of the head.

The highest is often referred to as the Grand Portal.  It is believed by various yogis, mystics etc to provide access for soul travel,  into alternate universes, and to higher planes of existence .  (wiki quote 🙂

As far as I know, these higher chakras make up part of our higher frequency energy bodies. In theory this would mean (and Iv’e found this to be true) that if we spend time with our awareness in them, we will find it easier whilst out of body to travel to higher frequency dimensions..a few layers out, so to speak. This is because essentially all that’s happening when we travel between dimensions is we are shifting our awareness into the aspect of ourselves, or the energy body, that’s already there..already resonating with the frequency of the dimension.

2)      I have never had an o.b.e. in the first 3 hours of sleep. Anywhere between 3 and 6 hours of sleep is optimal as it is at these times that our brainwaves are most likely to move into a Theta frequency (4-7 hz).  This frequency allows us to access both our conscious and subconscious minds simultaneously…hence creating a lucid or conscious dream state which is a very commonly used platform to advance into an o.b.e.  (will explain my perception of the difference  between them later.)

Other aspects of lifestyle that  make a difference, although not as big a difference as the above, are diet and exercise.  Here’s what I’ve noticed :

Exercise, eg. running, swimming, dancing or anything that increases my heart rate seems to make me resonate at a higher frequency.  I only believe this because it makes me feel happier, lighter and more free.

Yoga is great too but I would put that in the category of energy work/meditation.

Food wise, eating as many foods that come from the ground and contain live cells as possible also seems to raise my frequency. Fruit, salad, seeds, raw nuts etc.  And as few heavy, stodgy, sugary, processed or dead foods as poss.

That said, it’s not a rule for me that if I eat cake I don’t come out!  I am not by any means a health guru. and truth be known, Iv’e had some of my best o.b.es after a night out on the sauce…but only when Iv’e had a good time and feel uplifted… this is what leads me to believe that its about ones over-all resonance.. so there are no hard and fast rules.


Hi I’m Janey. I’d like to use this blog to share some of my most exciting experiences and also share some useful hints and tips on how to increase your chances of having your own out of body experiences ( O.B.Es) My aim is to explain the subject in a down to earth manner that people can digest even if they aren’t spiritually minded.

Just to  give you a bit of background, this is how it all started happening for me:

Aside from a fair few dreams about flying I had as a child, and a couple of times in later years waking to find myself floating sleepily and clumsily in various corners of the bedroom, my main experiences of astral projection started to happen 3 or 4 years ago. Until then, I had always thought of those previous few events as just very strange dreams.

A few years ago, in the summer, I was feeling quite low and knew I needed to put in some serious meditation and self healing time, so I decided to go to a retreat in Glastonbury. The lady there was running a workshop for women, with most of the meditation work focusing on healing the heart chakra which sounded perfect for me at the time.  The retreat was situated right next to the Tor, on one of the ley lines that cross over there so I suspect this may have added to the intensity of what I experienced but I cant be sure.

Both nights I stayed there I had very lucid (conscious) dreams, in which I was communicating with a guide who was teaching me how to control the scenes around me, how to navigate and change things using just my intention.

One night the lady running the retreat appeared in my dream, and the next day, before I had chance to tell her about it, she told ME about it…in detail…Yep!

Anyway, to cut a long story short I came away from Glastonbury having done so much work on my heart chakra that I could probably have floated back to London. I had an extremely light, buoyant, expanded feeling all over that area which stayed with me for the following month or two.

During most nights for the few weeks after I got home, I woke up numerous times on the ceiling, or floating down the stairs. My dreams were constantly lucid to the point where I began to feel like a highly trained sorcerer !  It was so much fun! …manifesting objects at will, changing dark scenes to light ones, gradually perfecting the skill of controlling my movements and my environment…and all the time being guided and trained by someone just as real as myself, if not more so. ( It was usually a woman on my left, but on the occasions it was a man, he would always appear on my right.) It was like going to Hogwarts every night…couldn’t wait to go to bed.

In was during that few weeks that the penny dropped and I made the connection between lucid dreams and out of body experiences, and Googled it. I was directed to a website which had an advert for an astral projection and lucid dreaming workshop being held by a guy called Todd in a converted water tower in Woolwich. I signed up straight away and went along a few months later.

It was great to finally be able to compare notes with others who were having similar experiences, and I learned some great techniques for enhancing my experience… by prolonging it, moving to other higher vibrational dimensions, and by testing the environments I was in. I didn’t really get to put these fully into practice straight away as there was a  period of no such activity for me but a month or so later, I had an absolutely epic O.B.E.

During this one I was able to use what I’d learnt and I managed to stay fully conscious for what felt like a good few hours and navigate my way to places that were not dream environments…I was not able to change things easily with my thoughts. Things were solid. I was still flying/floating but I met people going about their daily business like we see here on the physical plane. I also went to places that were solid but beyond earth-like. Scenes and landscapes that I can only liken to something from a sci-fi movie with 2 or more moons and planets hanging in the sky and animals that I’d never seen before.

This was actually a life changing event for me. I had a massive grin on my face than I was unable to hide for about a week and since then Iv’e been hooked.  The best way I can describe the feeling  is to say that it had been absolutely confirmed to me without a shadow of a doubt that I would never die. There was no such thing as mortality anymore. I felt EXACTLY the same only better without my body. For the first time ever I was free from the fear of the unknown, the fear of not having found or understood a point to my existence, free from earthly physical laws such as gravity.  I could breathe under water, fly, teleport, and I was still Janey…same awareness, same sense of humour, same emotional sensitivity. (I don’t know how this would change if I were permanently separated from my body I.e ‘brown bread’ but almost everyone else I’ve met on the astral planes seems pretty ok with it and fully in existence…Ill explain later)

This was the first time I’d spoken face to face with another fully solid, conscious person whilst out of body. When he came over and introduced himself as my guide, shook my hand and said “so where do you want to go? Its up to you, anywhere you like”  I was overwhelmed with happiness unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. (I actually cried on him for quite a while till he told me to pull myself together!)

So that very feeling there, is my motivation for spreading the word to anyone else who wants to experience it. And ironically, I intend to do it in a very down to earth way.  Ill describe a few meditation techniques that I’ve found to be helpful,  go through a bit of theory (as I understand it anyway), and share some stories about where I’ve been and what I’ve found out, that will hopefully inspire you.  You wont need to buy into believing anything you haven’t seen for yourself in order to experience astral projection. And for those of you who are already doing it, just enjoy the stories.